Friday Flashback (Otherwise known as embarrassing photos of myself posted on the internet)

A friend of mine dropped by today with an unexpected surprise. An anniversary card cleverly transformed into an Easter card via a label maker. Inside was Peeps scented "marshmallow cream lip balm" and a very haunting photo from several Halloweens ago when I dressed up as Mick Foley THE MICKER! (yes, the WWE wrestler) (Have you read his autobiography? You should.) where we both worked.

It's too damn embarrassing to not post on the internet.


And while I'm at it:

(Full disclosure: I'm naturally blond.)

(And have no shame.)



Candy Ass and I in Big Bear. Don't tell him I posted this, OK?


 All attitude. I think I'm a freshman in high school here.


 Me as Raggedy Ann (left). And yes, that's a mop dyed red on my head.


Pure propaganda. I was never as sweet as I look here.